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Which ring to choose when I have thick fingers?

If you have thick fingers we advise you to wear adjustable ring patterns. In summer your fingers swell with the heat, it is recommended to be able to remove her ring if you feel cramped in your jewelry. Therefore we recommend that you wear adjustable rings. You can also choose larger and larger ring models. These won't be shocking once on your fingers. Our site is full of them, find the model you like the most and treat yourself!


fox rings


How do I choose the ring I'm going to give my girlfriend?

First of all you need to know if your other half prefers gold or silver ? The gold is warmer and is very aesthetic on a slightly tanned skin. The silver is colder-looking, more serious but very elegant. It's up to you to know your girlfriend so you don't get it wrong! Current trends are leaning towards gold or rose gold.

To be sure not to go wrong about the size we recommend opting for an adjustable ring. If you know his finger trick, you can go for it without thinking!

We have beautiful models of fox rings gold, silver and rose gold. Let yourself be seduced and try the trick in buying a ring for your friend. You can also find your happiness in our collection of fox jewelry, for men and women of all ages!


How do I know her ring size?

To know your ideal ring size, you can bring yourself in tape and measure the circumference of your finger on which you want to wear the ring. Once this measurement is taken, convert it into millimetres. For example: 5.3 cm - 53mm your ring size is therefore 53. All our ring sizes are expressed in mm.


How do I clean her ring?

Over time, your ring has blackened? Don't panic, cleaning your ring is easy as a breeze! Dip your ring into a solution of baking soda and lukewarm water. Leave your ring there for 2 or 3 hours. Remove it from the water and rub it gently with a small brush. Oh, Tadam! Your ring has regained its luster from day one!