Fox Watchers

What watchmaker chooses for my child?

You should know if you prefer a sector watchmaker or a nomadic watchmaker. Choose whether you want it to represent an animal or if you want it simple (we offer superb fox watches). Make sure they comply with European standards. The best thing is to show her to her child so he gives her opinion on the choice of the nightlight.


Why put a nightlight in my baby's room?

The time for bed has always been an ordeal among parents. Get yourself in the place of your children. Imagine years back, alone, in the dark, the night fallen and with overflowing creativity. It's very simple to imagine the worst of scenarios.

Today, the watchmakers are very used within the homes to prevent the time of bedtime from being complicated.They create a reassuring atmosphere in the room and guide your child to sleep. They are also useful when the child wakes up in the middle of the night, thus avoiding a panic crisis in the dark. This glow soothes them and does them good. In addition to being useful, they also have a decorative function because our fox watches are beautiful.

Where to place the nightlight in my child's room?

As for the location of the nightlight you have two options:

  • If the nightlight is on the area, we recommend you place it close to a catch.
  • If this is rechargeable, you can place it any where in the room

(Just be careful that they are not too close to your child’s face because even with low brightness, they can create enough light to hinder sleepiness).