Fox slippers

Looking for a pair of slipper for your babyor your child? Do you want your offspring to have warm feet? Here is without further ado our selection of slippers and fox slippers.

Check out our selection of fox slippers

We offer different models:

  • Leather slippers
  • Leather slippers
  • Elastic slippers
  • Rising slippers
  • Sock slippers
  • Stuffed slippers
  • Hot slippers

Your little piece of cabbage will be very cute by wearing a sublime pair of fox slippers in your home or even outdoors in dry weather.

All these models are created with different materials. We use soft or genuine leather to make some of our products. We also offer knitted wool slippers and other polyester slippers.

All our slippers are up to European standards and have been validated by confirmed podiatrists and paediatricians.


At what age can my baby wear slippers?

There is no age to choose from for the first shoe-wearing. In the first few months, your child cannot walk. The slipper will have no impact on its approach. On the other hand, the first steps, the baby does not have full consciousness of his body. It is advisable to remove his slippers to avoid unnecessary falls. After a few walking sessions, you can make him wear his fox slippers without any problems.


How do you choose your slippers?

You have toFavour a pair of soft and light slippers for your children. It is important to take into account the comfort of the foot in the boot. You have to Choose the right size for the foot depending on the number of months or years that separate your child from birth.

Namely, there are two types of slippers:

Summer slippers:

This category of slipper is opened to create a movement of air around the child's foot thus facilitating the temperature regulation of his body.


Winter slippers:

This type of slippers is much warmer, the inside is often lined or stuffed to keep your child's heat to the maximum and so Avoid the colds of winter.

What to choose between slippers and socks for my child?

There are sock slippers to give your child the comfort of a sock while allowing them to be warm as if in a slipper. If your child doesn't like to keep his slippers on his feet, you should try the sock slippers. This solution will be adapted to his desires.