Fox rug


How to choose a rug for my child's room?

As a first step, you need to take into account the size of your child's room. You should not place a rug that is too large for his room. Childhood experts advocatea carpet not exceeding more than half the surface of the room. With this size the rug will be highlighted and will not disturb the overall balance of the room.

Second, you need to pay attention to the material of your carpet.It must be easily washable(with steam for example) to be able to remove the stains of life that your child will do on the carpet.


What is the correct age to install my child on a play mat?

In reality, there is not really a "good age" to install your child on a play mat.. This is in no way dangerous for his physical or mental health.

Be careful, during the first weeks you must avoid leaving it on for too long because the child needs to rest during this period of his development. The play mat may stimulate him too strongly and prevent him from sleeping.

We advise you to put it on when the child is awake and active. The mat will then be very beneficial for the baby.

Choose a fleece rug that is soft and pleasant to the touch. Imagine your back on the floor (we have known better in terms of comfort).

Where and how to place your rugs?

It is important to know where and how to place the rugs according to their uses.The awakening rugs are to be placed in the living room, ready for adults to keep an eye on the baby.Decorative bedroom rugs should generally be placed at the foot of the bedor in the middle of the room.Those in the living room are arranged near the sofa.

How to clean your carpet?

To clean your carpet we recommend a mixture of baking soda and sparkling water.first, moisten the area with soda water. Then sprinkle with baking soda. Finally, rub calmly with a brush on the area to be cleaned. Wait until your carpet is dry then vacuum to collect the undissolved baking soda.

You can also opt for the "steam" method which consists of injecting hot water vapor into the heart of your carpet, this will have the effect of killing bacteria and thus remove bad odors.

Forplay mats, you can simplyput them in the washing machiner on a delicate program.
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