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How to choose your necklace?

Firstly,you have to think about the material and the color you want for your necklace. If you have a fair complexion, it is better to go for silver and conversely, more tanned skin will tend to prefer gold.

The length of your necklace is important, decide if you want to have a necklace that comes in your neckline or if you prefer a choker.

You must make sure that the necklace has no roughness so that your skin is not inherited when wearing the pendant.

fox necklaces


How to clean silver necklaces?

Your two best friends will be baking soda and water to clean your silver necklace.

Firstly,place in a small container a spoon of baking soda in hot water then using a small brush, come and rub your jeweluntil the oxidation goes away. Rinse it with clean water, then dry it.

Secondly, you canlet your jewelry soak in a solution of white vinegar for 2 to 3 hours the time that your necklace regains its original shine. It doesn't matter if you forgot it overnight. Just remember to rinse and dry it before postponing it.

How to clean gold necklaces?

It doesn't matter what type of gold it is, whether it's pink, yellow or white. We recommend that you rub your collar with a small brush in a soapy water solution. Every two years on average, you can have a thin layer of rhodium-based protection applied (by a professional). This will allow your jewelry to keep its natural clarity for longer.

How to measure your neck circumference?

You have several methods to measure around your neck:

The tape measure technique

Take a tape measure in your hands and go around your neckwith this one. Mark where the tape intersects with your finger and then look at the mark taken. You have the exact length around your neck.

The twine technique

For people who do not have a tape measure, we recommend that youdo the same technique explained above but with a string. Once the mark is taken, you will only need to measure the length of the string with a double decimeter.

Don't choose a necklace that sticks too close to your neck. This could interfere with your breathing throughout the day.

How to choose the length of your necklace?

The necklace is a fashion accessory that appeals to women enormously. The latter allows you to highlight an outfit or illuminate a detail in your makeup by making a reminder. It can also emphasize your look or highlight your lips depending on the color of it.

The size of your necklace will depend on the element you want to highlight in your outfit. If you want to draw the eye to your cleavage, we recommend a necklace of about 60 cm. For women who prefer to highlight their faces, opt instead for a 40 or 50 cm necklace. For those who just want to wear a necklace to match their outfits, there is no rule regarding the size of your necklace. Wear whatever you want!