Fox bean

When can I leave beans in the child's bed?

During delivery, the midwife will tell you not to put a blanket or sheath on the crib.From six months on, you can wear a cloak or Plush on the bedStay with him. If you don't want beans to become bacterial colonies, be sure to clean them regularly. For better turnover, we suggest you buy two and prevent loss.

What are the advantages of flat beans?

Flat beans, commonly known as Doudou handkerchief, is a piece of cloth with a small animal on it to give your child's future sleeping partner a face. Flat beans are very practical. Because of their shape,They don't take up space, they just organize, carry and clean themselves.Most people have pacifiers in the corner.

How important are beans to my children?

Doudou is a kind of transition object. It helps to accustom children to not always being with their parents. He was there to make the children feel at ease, calm and calm. He indirectly participated in his awakening, enabling him to create a world by developing his own creativity and imagination.This Doudou has gradually become his confidant. He is his first friend and has a lot of love for him..


How to choose the perfect bean for my baby?

Choose a bean that is the size of your child. It must be able to hold the child and play in its arms. Weight is also very important. This person should not inherit his skin, your child needs to be soft. Beans should be easy to machine wash and will not be damaged on the first wash. Of course, it has to meet European standards.

In short, my child's perfect Doudou must:

  • The size is right
  • Normal weight
  • There is no risk to the child
  • Soft to skin
  • European standard

When will I give my child the first bean?

There is no ideal age for your child to decide for himself when to hand over his power to his awakening partner.-Yes. On the other hand, you can choose a bean and introduce it to him occasionally. As time goes on, he may be used to treating it as a bean.

What if his beans are gone?

As mentioned earlier, we recommend that you buy two to avoid losing beans. If you have only one copy, we suggest you explain to him that his beans are missing. Tell him you're sorry.You can introduce some new ones to him, and he will eventually choose a new one, or no longer need Doudou.