Fox lints

How do I choose your stuff?

There are a few rules to respect to find the perfect stuff for your child. First,this one must be pleasant to touch as well as hypoallergenic to avoid irritating the sensitive skin of newborns.

Secondly, all the elements of this stuff must be securely attachedto prevent them from breaking loose.

Thirdly, check all the seams of it for the foam or small balls could come into your infant's mouth if they came to give in.

In any case, we recommend imperatively remove the stuffed from the bed of the baby before the age of 12 months.

All our stuffed stuff arehypoallergenics and meet EC standards.


How old can my child sleep with his stuffed stuff?

One year is the perfect age for a child to sleep with his stuffed stuff.He can have a beautiful dream with his beautiful fox stuffed. It is at this age that he will throw his devolution on this little creature to make it his kudo for the rest of his childhood.


What animal to choose for her child's stuffed?

It is advisable to choose a "neutral" animal with a cute and harmonious face. We recommend you choose the fox because this animal is soft, discreet, affective and has a loving face. If you prefer a light color for its stuffed, there are also white foxes called polar foxes or snows.


How old are you offering a child his first teddy?

There is no rule in relation to age to offer a stuffed baby. You just have to make sure he doesn’t sleep with the first year. You can find suitable stuffed for infants like waking stuffed or activity.


How do I wash your stuff?

The stuffed animals are all sweet little animals that accompany our children in their daily lives as well as their nights. Over time, they always end up dirty.

We recommend:

  • Coil the stuffed stuff in a bag or fabric to prevent it from falling apart
  • Use a delicate 30° program
  • Use a laundry designed for wool
  • Avoid too high spinning
  • Let the stuffing dry in the open

Read the instructions on the label before doing a wash.


What stuff to choose from nightmares?

Your baby or young child often wakes up at night by horrible nightmares? Try to offer him a sleeping companion.We recommend you choose a normal size stuff (not too small or too big) so that she plays the role of guardian with him.

The good things to have a stuffed stuff helps the child fall asleep serenely and find a restorative sleep quickly. If this one came to wake up with a bad dream in the middle of the night, he could find all the comfort he needed from his favorite stuffed to calm him down and help him get to sleep.


fox teddy


What interactive stuff to choose?

There are many different ways to awaken his baby. A simple way is to offer him an activity stuff or a waking stuff. You can also install it on baby carpets in the day and opt for a stuffed one when it is in its heath or crib.

You have to find a stuffed one that has different materials as well as small objects arranged on one's body to awaken the touch and create an interaction between it and your child. Discover our collectionawakening and games, you will find all necessary for the flourishing of your child.

Delivery is free on all of our fox lints (without minimum purchases)