Backpacks Fox

Which backpack to choose for your child?

Here are our tips for choosing the right backpack for your child:

  • Choose a backpack that can be adjusted at the straps, with shoulder reinforcements.
  • Prefer a machine washable backpack made from a durable fabric.
  • Do not take a backpack wider than your child's back.

All of our backpacks are durable and easy to wash by machine. Depending on the model, you need to adapt your washing machine program.

How do you wash your child's backpack?

To wash your child's backpack, simply place your bag in the washing machineand choose a soft or intensive program based on the fabric used. If chewing gum has been glued to the bag you can, using an ice cube, cool the elastic material so that it can be easily removed.

HowShouldadjust her backpackor his schoolbag?

The backpack should be as much as possible placed against the child to prevent the back from bending backwards. Ideally, it would be necessaryadjust the straps so that the bottom of the backpack reaches 5 centimetres higher than its size

What backpack for kindergarten?

We advise you to choose a bag suitable for your child's year of study. A primary school bag will be too large for a child in a small section. Make your selection based on ergonomic criteria and ask about its preference among your selection. He will determine which one he prefers based on the design and his color (an important criterion for him). Select a lightweight, ergonomic and durable binder. The bag must of course be adapted to your budget.