Les 10 chiens qui ressemblent aux renards

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The 10 dogs that look like foxes 🦊

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Discover the 10 dogs that most closely resemble foxes! Get ready because you're going to love them!

The dogs and Foxes are part of the family of canids, but they are very different and at the same time so similar. They cannot mate, for example. However, they share some qualities: dogs are curious, playful and like to explore the environment, as are their cousins from distant forests.

Discover the physical similarities between a dog and a fox.

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Some dogs share characteristics with foxes:

  • Sharp ears
  • The tail has a strong coat
  • Short legs
  • The elongated snout

Top 10 dogs most similar to foxes:

A number of these breeds are not known outside their region of origin, while others have gained worldwide popularity. Be that as it may, they remain so beautiful.


10) Finnish Spitz

Originally from the "country of 60 000 lakes", the Finnish spitz is the most popular breed of dog in Finland (although not widespread in the United States). They worked as a hunting dog for birds, specialized in the attraction of slow-tailed prey and the "jodel" of up to 160 barking per minute.

Unlike the shy fox, which is similar to the Finnish spitz, these dogs are extroy and friendly in nature. However, they are of similar size and weight. They are related to other breeds of spitz in the north, such as the Greenland dog, Chow Chow and the small Pomeranian.

Finnish Spitz

9) Icelandic Shepherd Dog

These magnificent herd dogs were born during the first colonization of Iceland more than a thousand years ago. The Spitz dogs arrived in Iceland with the Vikings in their ships, and they helped keep sheep and ponies. Over time, they becameThe Icelandic Shepherd DogThat we know today.

The Icelandic shepherd's dogs have a long hair or a short hair, and although both have a narrow face, similar to that of a fox, straight ears, the long hair is clearly vulpine. They weigh a little more than foxes.

Icelandic shepherd dogs are friendly, energetic and dedicated by nature. They like to play and learn.

Icelandic Shepherd Dog

8) Corgi Welsh of Pembroke

Pembroke Welsh Corgis is one of the most popular breeds of dogs for the conduct of herds. These affectionate and intelligent dogs are both workers and friendly, compensating for their small size.

Introduced in Wales by Flemish weavers, the Welsh corgis of Pembroke were the favourite pets of Queen Elizabeth II. These herd dogs date back to 1107 AD. And are a distinct breed of Cardigan's Welsh corgi, despite appearance similarities.

Welsh Corgi of Pembroke

7) Shiba Inu

Of all Dogs that look like foxes, the Shiba is perhaps one of the best known. Renowned by the "doge", the Shiba Inu is the most popular breed of pet dogs in Japan. Despite its small size, the Shiba Inu is a former breed of hunting dogs that originally hunted big game. It has existed for about 300 years before Christ, but almost disappeared after the Second World War.

The Shiba Inu continued to gain popularity in the company. Their sense of humour, their insurance and their good nature have made them perfect companions in any type of house, whether it is an apartment in an animated city or a house with land in the countryside. That said, they are notoriously stubborn and often distant (so they are not the best dog for the new owners).

Shiba Inu

6) Chien de Canaan

Canaan's dog from Israel is one of the Dogs most similar to foxes With a long snout and pointed ears.

Although no one knows the exact age of Canaan's dog breed, race-like designs decorate tombs that are nearly 4,000 years old. Originally, they helped the Israelites keep the cattle and keep the herds. When the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and dispersed the Israelites in 70 A.D., Canaan's dogs without shelter fled to the Negev desert, where they survived, savage, until the 20th century.

Centuries later, when the state of Israel was founded, it took guards for the settlements and the K-9 for the army. A nearby Austrian cynicologist, Dr. Rudolphina Menzel, suggested making Canaan dogs half wild. She said that their ability to survive in the unforgiving desert proved that they were fit for work.

To the general surprise, Canaan's dogs were intelligent and easy to make, despite their wild roots. They became service dogs, messengers, land mine detectors and, after the Second World War, they also became guide dogs for the blind. Canaan's dogs are still smart, confident and vigilant. They continue to be excellent guards and helper dogs.

Their lean morphology, bushy tail, almond eyes and pointed ears give them a fox-like appearance.

Canaan Dog

5) Basenji

Known as the "dog that did not abolish", the Basenjis are an ancient breed represented in many Egyptian, Babylonian and Mesopotamian art objects. After the collapse of these powerful civilizations, the Basenji survived, in the wild, along the Nile and Congo, until their hunter skills were discovered by the African tribes. These feline dogs were not introduced to America before the mid-1900s, but they are still genetically identical to those offered to the pharaohs for the first time.

The Basenjis are independent and distant, but they can be affectionate towards the family and children. They are unbelievably clean of nature, but their high energy and intellect often attract boredom. That is why they need a lot of activity and stimulation. These graceful dogs measure between 10 and 15 cm and weigh up to 20 kg. They are not widespread in the United States, and it is one of the dogs that is least like foxes.


4) Jindo

Named after the island of Korea from which the breed originated, Jindo dogs are considered a national treasure in their country of origin. They have lived alongside the inhabitants of the island as hunters and companions for thousands of years, and they even had a place in the opening ceremonies of the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

The Jindos are extremely intelligent. That's why they quickly learn new tricks, but they can also get into trouble. They are artists of infamous escape, but they are also extremely faithful. They have dignity and trust in them very special and have a strong instinct as a hunter. Like other dogs that look like foxes, they have a thick double coat that helps them stay warm during cold winters.


3) Schipperke

Little s chipperke is a little dog, but don't be fooled by their size. They originated in Belgium, and as a boat dog, they work hard to catch rats and watch precious goods. They hunt in a special way, similar to cats, highly appreciated by the crew, so they are called "Schipperke" or "little captain" by Flemish.

In modern times, these beautiful dogs are as happy in their apartment or home as they are at work. But they can be independent and malicious, so a lot of activities and training are needed to meet their needs.


2) Nova Scotia Duck toll collector

While many of the dogs on the list look like foxes, Nova Scotia's ducks charge for hounds Raised to look like a fox-Yes. Their floating tails, red fur and white stripes are bait, which means they imitate foxes. This makes birds comfortable and even attracts them when hunting. Although their shoulders are only 25 cm and they weigh up to 15 kg, they are completely obedient.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

1) Spitz, Japan

Any trace in the history of Japanese Spitz was destroyed in the Second World War, but this variety may be the descendant of a mixture of German Spitz and Canadian baikisong, which were imported during the first Japanese Spitz. These lovely dogs have amazing similarities with Arctic foxes, and are as comfortable in a small apartment as in the country.

Japanese Spitz people are interesting and friendly partners who like to take risks. They are loyal, intelligent, cheerful dogs, learn fast and smile often.

Japanese Spitz


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Can foxes be pets?

If you're here looking at dogs that look like foxes, you may wonder if you can adopt a real fox?

Foxes are beautiful animals, but not good pets. Indeed, in recent years, some animal lovers have begun to take care of foxes at home. However, for most of us, the fox is a very difficult pet to deal with.

He hasn't been domesticated for generations, so he canStress sequence, and It's hard to train-Yes. Foxes are unlikely to be satisfied at home. Besides, foxes have a strong smell, which is their own.

So, if you appreciate it Mysterious elegance of Fox Or they like friendly pranks and consider adoption Spa)One of the ten kinds of dogs.

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