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How long does the fox live?

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The life span of foxes depends on whether they are wild or captive.

How long can a fox live?

What is the average life span of foxes in the wild 2-6 years old-Yes. Under proper care and environment, the fox in captivity can live to 14 years old.

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fox Living in the wild is rarely more than two years Those who have been successful for more than two years usually live three to four years longer because they have gone through the most difficult stage of their life in the wild.

In fact, wild foxes have little chance. Nature is a cruel place and has experienced many trials and tribulations. Foxes have a lower position in the food chain than some of their natural enemies, making them the preferred target for other predators.


Fox's life began when he was a child.

This is sometimes the most difficult part of its survival and is more threatened by other predators and mother nature.

More than 50% of the foxes are under 1-2 years old.

What's the name of little fox? Foxes are called suits, but some call them puppies or foxes. The female fox is called fox, and the male fox is called dog fox.

Foxes breed in winter and early spring. The gestation period of foxes is about 53 days (1.5 months). Foxes are born around April, sometimes later. A litter of foxes usually has one to 12 pups, but an average of six. Like many other animals, they are blind in the first two weeks of life.

About a month later, the cubs come to the entrance of the nest and begin to play and play.

Why do foxes die?

Foxes are born blind and don't open their eyes for about 12 to 14 days. Then they become targets for predators who wander around the fox's lair waiting for their parents to come out so they can sneak in and feed their pups.

When parents move their pups, some of them may be left behind or eaten by predators when parents move their pups many times.

Nature can also play a role in fox's life. If the flood floods the nest, parents have no choice but to seize their children and move out. This means that not all foxes travel, although most parents do their best to save their pups.

The pups are weaned by their parents at the age of 12 weeks and then follow them for food.

The two genera are sexually mature at 10 months, but cannot reproduce until 1 year old.

Small ones usually travel alone in autumn. The male leaves first and the female follows. Male foxes usually go further and have larger territory.

Foxes weigh about 5 kg, and the male usually weighs more than the female.
Although many young foxes die from natural events such as prey or floods and accidental deaths, many also die from hunger, parasites or disease.
If a fox lives in the wild for more than one to two years, it is middle-aged.-Yes. Foxes that survive young are more likely to live a few more years because of their ability to learn and adapt to the environment.

Since then, foxes have had their own cubs and are now alone most of the time. Foxes are sometimes a little social, usually at night, because they are night hunters.

Foxes often report to each other through their calls and mark locations with urine. Some fox families even keep the same caves for generations.

Foxes usually build multiple nests. When a nest is destroyed by an invading predator, human activity or natural event (such as weather), foxes will use these nests and enter them.

There is also evidence of the longevity of adult foxes 8 or 9 years in the fieldBut this is not common. These old foxes saw everything, experienced everything, and grew up.

However, even after the most difficult ordeal, these old foxes still died of accidents, injuries and diseases.

The fox in captivity can live to old age.

The Internet is full of pet foxes, which are taken care of, fed and taken to the vet by human families.

The environment in which foxes live may be one of the most important factors determining their longevity.
Areas with more predators or less food may greatly shorten their lifespan. Many foxes starved to death. An ordinary fox was killed only once or twice a week.

That means they have to look for fruits and vegetables, and look for other opportunities to feed on the death of another animal.

Foxes are omnivores, feeding on a variety of small prey, fruits and vegetables.
When foxes live in the same area as other canines, such as wolves or coyotes, they may also be infected with diseases such as scabies, which usually kill them within a few months.


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It is summarized as follows:

✅ How long can red fox live?
In the wild, the lifespan of red foxes is 2 to 6 years old. In captivity, the lifespan of red foxes is 10 to 14 years old.

✅ How long can grey fox live?
Grey fox has lived in the wild for 16 years and has been kept in captivity for 20 years.

✅ How long can arctic fox live?
Arctic foxes live in the wild for 10-15 years, and can live to about 18 years old in captivity.

✅ How long can a fox live?
Fennick fox lived in the wild for about 10 years and was kept in captivity for 14 years.

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