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46 unique Fox Tattoo Ideas

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The Fox is a sharp-witted and cunning creature with a bushy tail, who always manages to avoid trouble with a spark in his eye. Do you identify with the Fox ? We think there is a little fox in each of us ! We found 46 stunning Fox tattoos. Find your inspiration for your future tattoo !

Tattoos hold a significant essence of the spiritual personality. Every tattoo image available online has a meaning that one must be aware of before choosing.

There are different varieties of artistic tattoos, each having a great power of attraction and seduction. It is essential to carefully examine each tattoo image with artistic perception. What does one sayFox Tattoo on the people who wear it ? Can you identify the exact meaning of each image ? What does this Fox image create in your mind ?

Discover our selection of Fox Tattoo Ideas

# 1 Class Fox Tattoo


Wow ! What can I say about this? This one is remarkable and suitable for both men and women. If you only want a picture of your fox on hand, this is the best option to choose


# 2 Fox Tattoo on finger

What a sexy first finger with a cool icon that can not be ignored. If there is a name we can give it, it is simply epic !


#3 simple Fox Tattoo

a simple enlarged fox tattoo that extends over your hand and makes your hand as beautiful and amazing. Tattoo brings an image of elegance and class to the people of the chic neighborhoods.


#4 fox tattoo on thigh


Sleeping is the Fox that releases the sexy spark in you and gives you the best of your looks, especially if you are the kind of person who likes to relax on the beach in the summer

#5 fox tattoo on hip

42-fox-tattoos-tattoosA trendy Fox who has the stare of anger. Like he's asking Who the hell looks at me like that, I look you in the eye.


#6 skull Fox Tattoo

An awesome skull tattoo that expresses the great art of the tattoo artist, a crazy tattoo with the appearance of gray matter that captures the attention of crazy people and with it comes a feeling of OMG ! what art.


#7 red head Fox Tattoo


Red-headed fox with a cute face that reminds you of your dog playing in your garden, it is simple and elegant for you, a masterpiece that you can not resist.


#8 simple Fox Tattoo


A simple fox tattoo that regularly walks on your skin. It is a reflection of people who do not know what to do too much but still need to have art on a part of their body.


#9 monster Fox Tattoo


Monstrous Fox Tattoo with insanely cool patterns and many wagging tails, which tells you that you are the monster you heard about in your evening stories and saw in your nightmares.

#10 deadly Fox Tattoo


Deadly fox tattoo that represents the sign of danger as the encounter of a croque-mort type person. Its design is simple and its unique craft has a simple appearance on the skin.


#11 pretty Fox Tattoo


Nice fox tattoo that looks exactly like a photo taken and placed directly on the skin without it being altered. It is very special to look at and it is never enough to look at the tattoo to feel like touching it.


#12 fox tattoo style painting


Painted Fox Tattoo which represents the idea of the classic tattoo with a feeling of calm and warmth with flowers all around to show how friendly the Fox can be but in reality ? it's just a tattoo.


# 13 stylized Fox Tattoo


Looking at this tattoo up close, it feels like a young alien fox that has somehow lost the sense of return, so he sits there and looks at you wondering what will happen next.


# 14 Fox Tattoo with pink


Rose Fox whose head relaxes on the rose flower, showing the presence of love and romance with a touch of savagery in it, this is an epic art with all kinds of mixed feelings.


#15 playful fox tattoo


A playful fox with a shield-like structure wagging his huge tail around him to show how playful he can be... It is a cute tattoo that can make Little Kids playfully call each other to see this super special tattoo.


# 16 demonic Fox Tattoo


A fox tattoo with a three-eyed head is like that of a demon who came straight from hell to bring terror to your city. A crazy tattoo with immense creativity. Very beautiful by all means.


#17 devil Fox Tattoo

A fox tattoo with a red spot on the head that tells you whether it's a villain or a hero, it's up to you.


#18 dancing Fox Tattoo


The dancing fox tattoo shows a cheerful and playful fox like a kitten, extremely beautiful and with a touch of class.


#19 Fox vampire tattoo


A fox tattoo with bloodthirsty cannons like those of a vampire ready to suck the dry blood of everything that comes close and that is not suspicious, truly a unique masterpiece to which we must give all the credit it deserves.


#20 small fox tattoo


Tiny fox tattoo that doesn't have much ink but still catches the eye. The tattoo is simple but its appearance still tells you that it is a bomb and very dope indeed. There is nothing to expect when it comes to getting your body tattooed with this tattoo.


# 21 Fox Tattoo Twins


Two tattoos separate but that complement each other like the grids that fit together to form a fox face when they come together.


# 22 sitting Fox Tattoo


A nice tattoo of Fox in a sitting position, who tries to understand what is happening around him. The Fox is like I need to rest and I can also close my eyes a little. Epic tattoo of a fox with all his composure.


#23 tattoo fox running


It's night and full moon, guess what we need to go out and have fun. It's a very interesting night, it's all that happens in the head of the excited Fox that will catch a murder.


#24 fox tattoo of the day of death


A fox tattoo kissing a skull saying " I'll finish you off if you dare to play with me, I'm not the joker type ! Don't touch that, I'm telling you, man. Tattooing is the pinnacle of creativity in many ways.


#25 cunning fox tattoo


You see the eyes and sweet smile on this fox tattoo, it draws you into the fantasy that he is your best friend, he eats you alive and you realize how wrong you have been about his cunning.


#26 tattoo sketch Fox


The sketch is a tattoo style that looks simple but very warm and one of a kind, it looks like the animals of the snow Walker type and a bit like the zombie Fox in a way.


#27 standing Fox Tattoo


A Fox sitting straight, facing forward as if looking for his way, his dinner or maybe a partner... Looks like it's a little short, so standing straight might do the trick.


#28 Tattoo Class Fox


The creeping Fox does not want to lose the element of surprise in order to catch its prey. The tattoo is attractive to the eyes and makes it possible to imagine the art behind it as if the Fox was really going there.


# 29 Fox Tattoo pin-up


A cool Fox who relaxes by asking you, " do you like men here ? What's in the neighborhood ? How are the gays? Where Are you hanging out tonight ?


#30 Red Fox Tattoo


A fox tattoo with a kind of jewel on the head, showing that the Fox is in the chic quarters, and fitting into the new fashion trends in terms of lace and accessories to wear on the head. Nice Tattoo.


#31 hunting fox tattoo


The Fox is a serious hunter, he comes out of his depression uninvited, serious and hungry like no one else. He will fight for everything until he gets what he wants. The art of tattooing shows all the combativeness of the Fox.


# 32 Yakuza Fox Tattoo


The tattoo of a fox in a long and dark dress steals a sickle like a machete on the one hand, showing that the Fox may be royal but also of bad character.


#33 Mystic Fox Tattoo


A mystical fox with mysterious colors, mysterious eye on the forehead and mysterious skin in general showing that the fox comes from the ultron planet or any other planet from which we have never had the heart.


#34 Grey Fox Tattooing


The grey fox tattoo is a gray-coloured tattoo that seems to have been drawn to the pencil, but the result is simply fantastic and the result is a very beautiful tattoo.


#35 Hell fox of hell


The tattoo "Renard of Hell" draws the images of the end of time and it is as if the only creatures walking on earth were the foxes of hell.


#36 Double fox tattoo


The double fox is a tattoo of two inseparable foxes that have a lot in common, it's almost like a double of the other. A beautiful tattoo that gives you this feeling of wow!


#37 Balloon fox


The happy fox is a tattoo showing a festive mood fox flying around balloons filled with hydrogen, reflecting a joyful and joyful mood.


#38 Angry fox tattoo


Still, the artist thinks that tattooing should also have some sense of fashion to make tattooing a complete classic art.


#39 Dragon fox Tattoo

The fox of this tattoo extends over a long distance, which gives it the appearance of a fox that is in some way a dragon, with its long tail, legs, back and mouth, which makes this work of epic and remarkable art.


#40 Fox Tattoo Alone


The tattoo is that of a fox walking majestically as if he were the king of the park. Walkers walk regularly and with confidence, they think that tattooing is nice for bold people in general.


#41 Fancy Fox Tattoo


The imaginary fox's tattoo is that of a fox wearing a tie and has a strange way of using the mirror on the wall. It is the deep fantasy and imagination that lead to the creation of this beautiful work of art.


#42 Tattoo fox biker


The rockabilly fox tattoo is a good way to draw attention to the outlaw biker's image or something else.


#43 Lonely Fox Tattoo


It is a tattoo depicting a fox sitting alone in a huge jungle, hence the image of loneliness that clearly appears.


#44 Moon Fox Tattoo


A very creative tattoo of a fox sitting in a curved shape with a long, unique looking tail making the tattoo very fabulous.


#45 Little Head Fox Tattoo


A closer look at the small-headed fox tattoo indicates a certain sense of innocence in the small-headed fox, which means that it may be a young fox, but overall it is a fantastic tattoo to have around the neck.


#46 Tattoo fox mountain


The climbing fox tattoo is a beautiful tattoo that shows the running fox trying to climb a tree or wall, which represents intense creativity and a perfect execution of the art of tattooing.