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What is the meaning of fox tattoos?

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Charism is a powerful weapon that you can highlight with the cute fox tattoos on your body. Intelligent and fearless, a small, hardy fox is aware of its value and will never ask for the help of a human. Such wild energy has become a great source of inspiration for the different styles of fox tattoos.


Fox Bijoux

In summary, fox tattoos have as symbols:

  • Fertility
  • Prosperity
  • Wellbeing
  • Money
  • The Northern icon
  • The ruse
  • Seduction
  • The Desire
  • The Chance
  • Longevity

The fox, a cute predator in history and mythology

Myths from different continents and countries associate these beautiful predators with something smart, rusty, egocentric and lonely. Very often, the fox became an anti-hero. But there are exceptions, such as the Japanese fox. In Japan, a fertility goddess, Inari, can be turned into a fox. Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, was able to turn into a fox (this God could also be transformed into other animals). In general, Changing shape fox stories Are common in people, especially in eastern cultures. The fox was also a symbol of sexuality and femininity.

Tattooing idea

Which fox to choose on his tattoo?

The meaning of fox tattoos Is multiple. It will certainly add a little bit to your life. A symbol of fertility, prosperity and well-being, foxes are highly valued by businessmen and entrepreneurs. In the Nordic countries, the fox symbolizes ruse and deception. Feminality and sexuality are also among the main symbols of the fox's image. If seductive and desirable, the fox remains so lonely and inaccessible.

It is known that foxes are different colours and species. We got used to the images of the Red fox Most common. But there is also a black fox that seems more severe. A tattoo with such a fox acquires a more oppressive and heavy aura. The doctors and priests of ancient Egypt had a Corsary black fox Tattooed on the wrist in a sign of great respect.


The most beautiful fox tattoos

The White foxesAre so funny and friendly that the image of these predators will add a little joy of living and grotesque to the sense of tattoo.

The small fennec fox Is so charming and cute that no lady can resist her magic. Considering the fact that this small fox lives in the deserts of North Africa, it becomes clear that the symbolism of such a tattoo places emphasis on elegance, stress resistance, and type "Out of the box" Owner.

A Grey fox Is one of the best tattoo ideas for those who want to distinguish themselves from the mass. This fox is very different from its appearance counterparts. It is very small, delicate and austere, but it has a huge tufted tail, pointed ears, it is calm and safe of him. Its color is very exotic. The tip of the tail is black, and there's a kind of mask on the snout of the animal that makes it look like a little bandit. A Grey fox tattoo Is suitable for trusting and creative people who are capable of reckless acts.

Once you have found the breed of fox that's right for you, you have to choose your style:

  • Watercolour fox Tattooing
  • Tattooing fox origami
  • Minimalist fox Tattooing


If you are sure you want to make you tattoo, you can discover our selection of The best idea of fox tattoo The world.


Selection of fox tattoo

Select the sketch.

If you decide you need one Fox tattoo, just select the sketch. But how to choose? Which style to choose? Well, it's all very simple. The only rule is to focus on what you like.

For example, your favorite fox tattoo can be slightly modified by a cartoonist to make it absolutely unique. You can also find a ready-made sketch online. The best choice is based on the design of your personal tattoo. The picture is usually created by a tattoo artist. According to the tattoo artist, customers usually like real pictures and use pictures of animals as sketches. Fox tattoos are also popular in other styles.

Watercolor fox tattoo Or a design style tattoo is a very elegant solution. The painting is very soft, as if the painter had just touched your shoulder or arm with a colorful brush.

Remember that the appearance and posture of animals define the full meaning of tattoos:

  • Emphasize that the animal's nose symbolizes curiosity
  • Emphasizing the tail is a sign of intelligence
  • A smile is a symbol of the devil's cunning or aggressiveness.
  • The eyes of animals have shrunk: intelligence and skill
  • Animal bodies are beautiful bends: sex and temptation
  • The fox crouched: vulnerable, eager to escape the cold and danger

The meaning of fox tattoo

Chinese fox tattoo. The Chinese believe that these animals are symbols of good luck and longevity. For men, fox tattoos are the talisman of happiness and longevity. For women, the fox is a negative symbol (insidious love destroys the family). The longer the fox lives, the greater its power and the longer its tail. A Nine Tailed Fox represents the protection of unshared love. Nine Tailed foxes can also avoid bankruptcy.

Japanese fox tattoo Wherever it is, it is a symbol of wealth and fertility. The Japanese adore this animal as a messenger of God. Fox tattoos are very popular among businessmen. Japanese tattoo style also means a person's progress, the development of his ability to observe and moral courage.

Celtic Fox It is a symbol of wisdom, honor and knowledge. He led the defeated soldiers into another world.

For Indians, Tribal Fox It's the protection of all human beings. The fox is a sacred creature that helps find herbs and teaches hunting. A good hunter and fox tattoo are very close in different tribes.

The Nordic countries (including Scandinavians) believe that the fox is a symbol of natural awakening and renewal. Foxes are the animals of doctors and mysterious fortune tellers. The image of two bracelet shaped foxes is a sign of intuition.

Peruvians believe that foxes can control human minds. The predator symbolizes the spirit, the strength and courage of the warrior. In South Korea, the animal is associated with female attraction and reproduction. According to the Romans, foxes are evil.

Fox tattoo 

The characteristics of fox tattoo

The fox images are very beautiful in black and white, as well as in geometric tattoos. The predator is extremely beautiful in orange and red colors, with a large bushy tail. Cartoon images are also very interesting to look at.

Tattoo artists advise choosing the body part first and then the design you like. The fox on one hand, arm or shoulder blade looks really cool. You can choose the sketches for a tattoo sleeve and make your entire image absolutely awesome and original.

Magnificent fox tattoos


According to statistics, fox tattoos are especially suitable for girls. For men, it is best to choose unusual positions of the animal such as a kung fu or karate movement. Men should avoid foxes with beautiful body curves and emphasize the smile as a sign of strength and ability to defend themselves. In men, foxes can be a symbol of fidelity, because foxes choose a lifelong partner and die alone if the partner is gone.

As for women, the fox tattoo is a symbol of seduction and foxing. If a girl is shy enough, a fox tattoo doesn't quite suit her. The woman who wears a fox tattoo is bright and cunning, intelligent and persistent, a little capricious, charismatic and sexy. A fairy-style tattoo and a little old-school fox also have class. A small tattoo behind the ear, in the neck, as well as two symmetrical fox heads between the shoulder blades show the advantage. A fiery fox's head is very tricky to look at on a finger.

 Fox masks


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