The Concept

Our story

The idea was born from a meeting between a designer and a princess in the making.
She dreamed in front of the jewelry stores and dreamed of being able to please him, with the few means he had.
Passionate about the world of jewelry, we began to take a closer look, especially in dissecting the costs. After many months of study on the subject, partner research and creativity, we we are now in a position to offer you unaffordable jewelry that made us dream at reasonable and fair rates.

Together everything is possible

In traditional jewellery, jewellery is imagined and manufactured long before the sale. This process generates a financial asset that is in addition to the expenses of a commercial premises, always carried over without your knowledge on the final price of the jewel. Online sales and the pre-order system allow us to eliminate these unnecessary costs.

Our idea

Every month, we imagine and then create a unique jewel that resembles you, to offer it for sale on Pre-orders are open for a limited time so that we can manufacture the quantity collectively ordered.


Do you have any doubts about quality?

In order to ensure your satisfaction as soon as you receive your order,Leczycka takes great care in selecting stones and choosing alloys for jewellery.

If, however, you were not satisfied, we undertake to refund you upon receipt of your order. See the return conditions here

Size change

If you've made a mistake, all you have to do is contact our customer service by email or on social networks to make an exchange at your size.

Don't hesitate to check out our Size guideto help you determine which one is right for you before you place an order.