Apprendre à dessiner un renard assis

Dessin renard -

Learning to draw a sitting fox

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There are over forty species of foxes spread around the world. In many cultures foxes are known for their cunning and trick, and are often the subject of myths in folklore. The fox is actually a small species of dog, but foxes have abilities that are missing from other dogs, such as digging burrows into the ground and climbing up to trees.

In this simple drawing guide, you learn to draw your own sitting fox.

For the realization of this tutorial you will need:

  • a pen or pencil
  • a sheet of paper
  • a gum at hand

fox teddy


Find out the guide to draw a sitting fox

At each step of this drawing tutorial, you will notice that previously drawn lines are displayed in black, while the new lines are in blue. When you finish your drawing, you can shade it using color pencils, markers, or felts.

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  • Step 1

Start by drawing a circle. This one will form the fox's head.

Fox Drawing sitting step 1 


  • Step 2

Inside the circle, draw two curved lines.

Fox Draw Sit Step 2 


  • Step 3

Connect the lines using two curved lines shaped like "U". Trace another curved line under the first two. It will form the fox snout.

Fox Drawing sitting step 3


  • Step 4

Clear the snout construction line.

Fox Drawing sitting step 4


  • Step 5

Draw an irregular rounded shape inside the snout to form the nose. Connect the nose to the mouth and side of the snout using three short curved lines.

Fox Draw Sit Step 5


  • Step 6

Draw the fur from the fox's neck and chest. Start by extending a curved line from the snout. Then, make a series of curved lines that head down and join in acute and irregular tips.

Fox Drawing sitting step 6


  • Step 7

Repeat this process on the opposite side, forming a roughly reversed triangle.

Fox Drawing sitting step 7


  • Step 8

Draw the fur on either side of the fox's head by extending from by and other of the circle short curved lines that join in serrated tips.

Fox Drawing sitting stage 8


  • Step 9

Clear the construction lines formed by the original circle.

Fox Drawing sitting step 9


  • Step 10

Dissolve your ears. For each ear, draw two curved lines upward from the head, letting the lines join in rounded tips.

Fox Drawing sitting step 10


  • Step 11

Clear the guidance lines from the ears.

Fox Drawing sitting stage 11


  • Step 12

Trace the contour of the body by extending a series of curved lines diagonally from the head and chest. Let the lines join in serrated points to form the detail of the fur.

Fox Drawing sitting stage 12 


  • Step 13

Trace the outline of the legs. From the triangular fur tuft on the chest, draw two curved lines downwards. From the shoulder, plot a series of curved lines, which allows for forming a serrated fur at the top. At the base of the body, draw the back leg in a seated position by plotting an open circular figure. Add a serrated fur detail to the top of the open circle. Underneath, draw a series of curved lines to form the back foot.

Fox Drawing sitting stage 13


  • Step 14

Relating the lines of the legs by drawing toes on each foot. To draw the toes, use a series of "U"-shaped connected lines.

Fox Drawing sitting step 14


  • Step 15

Add details to your fox. Trace a curved line over the length of each ear and add a serrated fur to its base. Trace short, serrated lines on the chest, shoulder and top of each front paw.

Fox Draw Sit Step 15


  • Step 16

Draw a series of short, long curved lines, joining in points, on the bottom of the body. It's starting to form the tail.

Fox Drawing sitting stage 16 


  • Step 17

Use a series of curved lines to surround the tail, starting at the base of the back.

Fox Drawing sitting step 17


  • Step 18

Using short curved lines, trace a zigzag pattern on the tip of the tail. Draw a curved triangle at the end of each toe to form the claws. Shake the claws.

Fox Drawing sitting step 18


  • Step 19

Draw a flattened circle on either side of the nose to form the eyes. Inside each eye, trace a small circle inside a large circle. Shake the area between the two circles. Trace a curved line above each eye to form the eyebrows.

Fox Draw Sit Step 19 


  • Step 20

Color your fox. The red fox well known is often red or orange with spots of white or cream color, but other species of fox exist in many colors including white, brown, black, and gray.

 Fox Draw Sit Step 20


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