Apprendre à Dessiner un Renard en 10 Étapes Simples

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Learn to Draw a Fox in 10 Easy Steps 🦊

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Follow this step by step tutorial on how to draw a fox. You will have your fox drawing finalized in a short time (4 minutes watch in hand). It's super easy! This tutorial is suitable for children (even kindergarten) and beginners.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to easily draw a cute little fox.


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How to draw a fox: the step by step drawing tutorial that will teach you how to draw a fox easily

Fall is the best time of the year to start learning all about forest animals and drawing them. This fox drawing tutorial is super easy to master and will have you or your kids making cute drawings in no time ...

We strive to simplify our tutorials as much as possible by adapting them to children and young children.

For the realization of this tutorial you will need:

  • Markers or colored pencils
  • Drawing paper
  • Our tutorial in front of you
  • A little bit of concentration

Step 1

Start with a curve that looks like a pass between two steep climbs.


Draw a fox step 1


2nd step

Close the curve by drawing the rest of the arc. Complete the shape of the fox's head.

Draw a fox step 2


Step 3

Draw two arcs in the fox's head.


Draw a fox step 3

Step 4

Draw ears and facial features like eyes and nose. Make simple shapes. This creates the ears, eyes and muzzle of the fox.


Draw a fox step 4

Step 5

Draw the shape under the head, as if you would draw a heart, but without the top of it.


Draw a fox step 1

Step 6

Draw him two beautiful legs.


Draw a fox step 6

Step 7

Continue to draw the rest of the body.


Draw a fox step 7

Step 8

Then draw the tail of the fox.

Draw a fox step 8

Step 9

Add tail details.

Draw a fox step 9


That's it ! You just learned how to draw a fox!

You are now able to draw a beautiful fox.

Step 10 (optional)

This step is not mandatory but you can color your fox drawing for more fun!

How to draw a fox



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